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24 Hour Service
24 Hour Service
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Digital and Offset Printing under one roof
Print one to thousands of copies at DESCO. We have digital and offset printing facilities at one place. So you pay just exactly for what you print.
Print Centers in Abu Dhabi & Dubai
DESCO is the biggest copy shop who can handle any volume of photo copy jobs. No matter if it’s just one copy or millions of copies, DESCO can do it!
Experience our Graphic Designers
DESCO Design Studio can help you to design all what you want in terms of branding and marketing collateral. Design with DESCO!
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The largest print network in UAE

DESCO is the largest print network in UAE with 41 Print Centers across Dubai and Abudhabi



DESCO can offer you cost effective and quick print & finishing solutions!

DESCO has more than 31 years of experience in printing and copy industry. With 41 print centers across Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Canada, it is never hard to find a DESCO near you! No matter what volume you want to print, no matter what you want to print there is a DESCO right next to you!