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Digital vs Offset Printing Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Digital or Offset. Which is right for me?

Digital & Offset Printing services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Digital Printing services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

Simply put, Digital Printing is ideal when you want to print fewer copies, say a few hundreds. Digital Printing is the quickest way to get something printed. DESCO’s Digital Printing services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi facility delivers superb print quality. So if you are looking for fewer print copies and quick turn-around, go for Digital Printing.

Advantages of Digital Printing:

  • Faster turnaround time
  • Each print is accurate and the exact same as the one before
  • Counts are more accurate
  • Lower waste, less variation
  • Cheaper price for low volumes
  • Easy to customize jobs
  • Variable data printing

Offset Printing services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

Do you have more than 500 copies to print? Go for offset Printing. Offset Printing will be more economical and cost effective for higher print runs. But be prepared to wait as the process is bit longer than Digital Printing. DESCO has the quickest offset printing machine available today in the world. Thus delivering even the offset printed jobs the best possible short time. Can’t decide on whether to go for Digital Printing or Offset printing? Why not call us on 800 DESCO (800 33726) or visit any of our branches. You can find our print centres nearby you.

Advantages of Offset Printing:

  • Extremely high-quality image
  • Can be printed on other surfaces aside from paper
  • Cheaper price for high volumes
  • New computer-to-plate technology advancements
  • Less robotic feel to prints
What’s the cost?

The charges for printing depends on various factors. So, if someone’s gives you a off-hand price, please beware. DESCO purely charges based on the job to be printed. The paper, quantity of print, colors (Black & White Print or Color), binding method and many other factors affect the pricing. DESCO guarantees the best price in the market for the quality offered. Do not get carried away with cheaper price offers, as the quality and longevity might be compromised.